Benefit they’re Real! Mascara.

Benefit they're Real! mascara
Now I’m the first to say how much I love Benefit. Beautifully packaged, great products and a wide selection. However, ‘they’re Real’ mascara, is something I’m really not a fan of. It’s easy to get swept up in the hype of products, after watching and reading rave reviews, especially when you love the brand, but I was disappointed. 
I really thought I would love this, I mean it has received critical acclaim and is a well love product in the beauty world. I don’t like it, I’m sorry Benefit.
I wanted to add this to my list of favourites, unfortunately it’s not to be.  This is the second time I have tried this. I originally bought a sample, long before I was blogging, and just couldn’t get on with it. Months later I thought I would try again.
It does lengthen the lashes as it claims and doesn’t clump. I don’t feel like it held a curl though at all if anything, I felt like it weighed my lashes down. An hour after applying, I had flakes down my cheeks.  Mid afternoon, it had worked off the bottom lashes and left me with a slight panda eye. I just don’t like this and I am genuinely sorry to say I would not recommend.
Does anyone else not get on with Benefit’s mascara?

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