Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub.

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub
We all want glowing, flawless skin, now the warmer weather is here. Gone are the days when we have 5 layers on, and feel bundled up.  It’s nearly time to show off some skin! Now I’m not a big fake tanner, I do like a little colour though, we all know the better the base the longer the colour would stay and the smoother you can apply. So whether you just want great smooth skin or a great base for a tan then this is for you!

This Soap & Glory Scrub is a must have. The scent is invigorating,  The lime is predominant, but is so refreshing.  Some scrubs are so harsh, however this is just right.  Not too scratchy, however the smashed sugar granules are just the right consistency too slough away dead skin.  The scrub also contains Macadamia and Almond Oils, you can feel the oil still on your skin, once you have washed this away. It’s non greasy though and leaves your skin ultra smooth and smelling fresh.  Sugar Crush Scrub is so effective, a pot will last a few weeks and I would buy and buy this again.

Before I wrote this post, I used this on my hands to remind me how good it is.  My hands have not felt so smooth in ages. The scrub is quite thick, so you don’t need too much.  I applied to dry hands and massaged in, you can feel the oil soaking in, and the smell is heavenly, just incredible.  After washing away, my hands are smooth, soft, non greasy and smell of lime.
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Scrub
You can find me here – £8 for 300ml
S & G also do ‘Scrub ‘Em and Leave ‘Em Body Buff’ and ‘Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub’ (both £8).  These are also both great scrubs, however for the warmer months, there’s just something about this lime scented gem which proves to be a real winner. 

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