Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation.

This foundation has been in my collection since late 2012, when I discovered this in Sephora in New York.  I haven’t used it in absolutely ages, I remember always quite liking it, however not really loving it.  Maybe I should have thrown this ages ago, however as I am sorting through all my makeup at the moment (Muji drawers have just been delivered – yay!), I thought I would give this one more shot before I let it go. Call it a re-discovery. 
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
When I first had this foundation I used it constantly and always quite liked it, then it kind of made its way to the back of my drawer and newer shiny bottles seemed much more appealing and took its place.

After having this absent in my life for such a long time, I reached for it again and couldn’t get on with it. Sticking to dry patches and not providing very good coverage, I nearly slung it.  As I have just told you all I’m currently editing my collection and thought I would give this one more shot- then toss, giveaway or keep!

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation
Silk Creme, I should have never doubted you.  Now I don’t know if my skin has just improved dramatically, but I used this again today and it’s incredible.
It blends like a dream, isn’t sticking to dry patches and provides great coverage. The only thing I would say, Silk Creme is marketed as a ‘light diffusing, luminous’ foundation, however when I had applied this just over a moisturiser, it did leave my skin looking matte and a little bit flat.  Nothing a bit of bronzer, or blush wouldn’t sort out. The actual finish is seemless and feels very hydrating on the skin.
I’m so glad we didn’t part terms and I have given this foundation another chance.  I really like it, i will definitely use this up and would go as far to say that I may even repurchase in the future.
Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme – do you guys have a love/hate relationship too?

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