Vichy NORMADERM Micellar Solution 3 in 1.

I love skin care and I’m always wanting try different products, to get my skin to look the absolute best it can.  As with many beauty lovers/bloggers, I love micellar waters and lets face it, they are everywhere.

Just walk in Boots.  Last time I went I must have counted at least 10 different brands; Garnier, La Roche Posay, L’Oreal, Nivea and Boots amongst them, with prices ranging from £2.24 to over £15!  I would class Vichy as a mid-higher end skin care brand (much along the lines of La Roche Posay). When I spotted this micellar water for sensitive skin, and knowing I get through a bottle fairly quickly, I thought why not give it a go?

Vichy’s ‘magic’ water is seriously among one of the best waters I have used.   As normal it removes all makeup and dirt, however this water is perfect for sensitive skin. So unbelievably gentle and with no irritation. Seriously, my skin feels so soft and refreshed using this. There is no fragrance at all, it is also soap and colourant free. Yes, it is on the pricey side, however it is totally worth it. I have been using a cheaper micellar water every other day and this in between. My eyes are the most irritated things ever, however I can use this to remove mascara, or just to refresh the skin, and they are absolutely fine. On the days where I wear more makeup, I would definately need to cleanse twice with this, to remove everything.
I really cannot emphasise how great this is, and if you have acne-prone, sensitive skin, or just need/want something really gentle, then this is for you.  Have already re-purchased. 
Find me here – £10.50 for 200ml

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