One to Rival the Beauty Blender?

So, this is how it goes. This isn’t really a review, just a complete victory to one of these 2 egg-shaped sponge creations. Beauty Blender; amazing, soft.  Doesn’t absorb too much product. Leaves a smooth, even layer of foundation on the skin. Perfect for stippling and provides even coverage. Feels nice in a strange way. And costs around £16.

Primark’s Egg;  looks very similar, slightly paler in colour, slightly bigger. Truth be told, if this was in a Beauty Blender container and I hadn’t studied these 2, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. Sad, hey?!

Anyway so does Primark’s Egg work? It does the job. It’s not bad, very average, but you can work with it. You get the idea. It soaks up too much product and isn’t as soft as the Blender, it’s actually quite hard.  Not pliable, even if used damp or dry.  For a £1, it is certainly worth giving it a go. It is much better than the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge, of which I am not a fan (see here). So if you like that, then I’d try this, as it is much better.  For the price, it’s OK and worth trying, but it’s certainly not a patch on the original. 
Beauty Blender, reigns supreme yet again. I have now tried at least 5 or 6 different face sponges/dupes and no-one seems to be able to steal the Blenders crown. 

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