Come Shopping With Me.

Today was meant to be a productive blogging day (this post was written a few days ago).  
I started at 8am, it is now 9.30am and I am only just thinking of what to write.  I have a list of products and posts to write about.  I have lots of products to take pictures off, but have serious writers block.  I am hoping later on in the day the ideas will flow and I wont be able to stop writing. In the meantime, I went shopping yesterday and thought I would bring you along with me. It was eyebrow tint/wax day yesterday, so I had some time to kill and of course I hit the shops.
First off was Matalan. On the edge of town and needing some basics I thought I would stop off here first. Oh and I had a 20% off coupon, so naturally it seemed a good place to start.
I was quite impressed with how the shop is laid out, the jumpers were together, so were the dresses, vests, skirts, PJ’s and accessories.  It is easy to find what you are looking for and all new items are near to the entrance as you go in.

I ended up with this spotty/animal print dress for work and the top on the right hand side. The Aztec camisole (middle) was on my latest wish list and I loved it.  However it squashed everything down (you know what I mean girlies), so was not the most flattering.  Evidently it did not make the cut. Shame, as I loved the print too.
After I headed into town and stopped off at H & M.  I bought these 2 lightweight vests. Only £5.99 each and handy for the summer, even though it has been pouring the last few days, so not sure when I will get to wear them! If you need a statement necklace H & M is the place to come, how can you possible choose from the selection below? I didn’t actually buy a necklace, instead a new iPhone case. Transparent and a rainbow of green and coral, very pretty! Think it was only £3 as well, bargain!
h and m
After stopping at Costa for a Chai Latte, I headed off to Benefit to the brow bar for my appointment. I was so intrigued by this much hyped-up gel eye-liner, I could not wait to take a look.
After getting my brows done, I oohed and ahhhed for a few minutes and eventually paid for said eyeliner. I always struggle with liquid/gel eyeliner, however am determined to master it using this. Apparently it is meant to be easy, even for beginners. Foolproof!  So I am the perfect candidate to try this out, as usually if I try to line my top lashes, it looks let’s face it rubbish! As always will review soon. I knew I would be sucked in lol!
One thing I did notice from all these shops, especially the clothes shops, is they all need a lesson in packing. Now I know they are cheap shops, however literally they just stuffed the clothes in the bag, in a ball.  Surely they should be folded to prevent crinkling and creasing. This is a real bug-bear of mine. I got them home, and they looked like old dishcloths! Does this irritate anyone else or just me? I had to get the bloody iron out! Let’s start a campaign. Hahaha
Anyone had any great purchases lately or have Benefit’s latest addition – what do you think?

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