Review | Pixi Glow Tonic.

My bag is skincare.
I love makeup, yes I do! But my real passion and love lies with finding great skincare products.  I have been using my cheap Tesco Cucumber Toner (less than £1) for ages and still love it.  However I thought it was time I amped it up a bit and tried something a bit more talked about/special/spendy. You get the idea. Tesco Cucumber will always have a place with me, but it’s time to find something new and different.  Time to move on.

Now I love Lily Pebbles. I love reading her blog and watching her YouTube vids.  I trust her views completely, much like an old friend. Lily has raved about Pixi’s Glow Tonic for ages.  Sadly my Tesco gem was coming to the end of its life and I needed something new, so I turned to Pixi, on Lily’s recommendation.
Impressed is not the word.  I am in love with their Glow Tonic, it is incredible. Whichever cleanser I use beforehand, I finish with this and the results are always the same.  Squeaky clean, fresh, radiant skin.  I have been using this for 2 weeks now, and I cannot believe how much smoother my skin feels. The texture has completely changed.  It contains botanical extracts, which do seem to calm the redness of my skin down.  It does have a slight fragrance; it smells fresh and plant-like – if that’s possible?
Glow Tonic is refreshing on the skin, it removes all makeup and dirt, and makes skin feel incredible. Seriously my skin has not felt this good in ages and it loves it. I’m so in loooovvvee! Officially obsessed!
Definitely buy me here– £16.00.

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