17 CC Cream.

17 CC Cream

Seventeen’s CC Cream is amazing. I have harped on about this on Twitter and felt the time was right to show this product some real love.

Being a makeup geek and beauty blogger, I have tried alot of foundation.  Mineral foundations, powder, liquid, BB Creams, CC creams, tinted moisturisers.  The latest releases and the golden oldies. Cheap, luxury, Cover Girl to Chanel.  Foundations that you literally have to give your right arm for. 

If it has been on sale, it has adorned my dressing table and I have tried it. All in the quest for the most perfect skin possible.

Now I am a self-confessed skin care addict. Having great skin, you do not need so much slap, just a little something to enhance. After all that waffling, this is where this baby comes in.

Beautiful to blend, hydrating, creamy, gives great coverage, lasts all day and has SP25. The tube lasts ages.
Skin looks matte, oil is controlled, however it looks dewy as well. Hard to explain, but my skin looks 10 years younger using this! Really? I kid you not! 
Flawless, youthful, airbrushed skin. It is perfect for dry skin. I just love this! It is one of the BEST foundation/CC Cream/BB Cream I have EVER tried. 
If this was a blind test, I would think this was a high-end brand. It is significantly better than some high end foundations I have tried.
Want great skin, you NEED to pick this up. 
It is just £6.99 from Boots.

  • Looks amazing, seems like it does everything that I want my skin to be like! I'll have to go and have a look and pick one up next time i'm in Boots. 😉

  • This sounds incredible I would have had no idea unless I read this, so thank you! xxx


  • Really loving seventeen as a brand at the moment and will be picking this up 🙂

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  • I dont know how you couldnt get on with this little gem, it is amazing! x let me know if you do make a purchase x

  • Thats my job hun! I am glad you have found about this – let me know if you try x

  • ohhh brill! let me know hoe you get on x

  • Wow! You really love this, do you ? 🙂 I'm so intrigued I will be getting it as soon as I'm in Boots next time 🙂 x
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  • Seriously it's great! Really good stuff x

  • Totally buying this ! I need some new stuff as I'm tanned x

  • oooh let me know how you get on – this is a bargain! x

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