A Sunday Shampoo.

Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo
I am actually a geek. The fact that this Bumble and bumble shampoo is named for a specific day really sold this to me.  So appealing.

Sunday shampoo for well a…..Sunday?!

Other than the name, I have read so many great things about this product. Getting to the end of my shampoo stash, I needed to reinvest in some new products. I normally buy cheap shampoo and conditioner when it is on offer in the local supermarket, you name it I’ve tried it. However I thought to myself I can use just a normal shampoo in the week and then have a hair detox on a Sunday. 

After all, this shampoo is meant to remove impurities, excess oil and product build-up.  Just perfect to wash away the weeks woes and start afresh from Monday. And it is a treat, well on a Sunday.
On first impressions this shampoo smells amazing. It is not strongly scented, however it is fresh and clean. It is very fruity, almost like a juicy satsuma. 

As far as a shampoo goes, I really liked this, it is the most excited I have been about a shampoo in a long time. Is it worth the money? I am not entirely convinced, however you do only need a tiny amount, so if you were indeed using just on a Sunday (as Bumble and bumble intend) then it may well last ages! Seriously guys, you could use any day your hair was in need of a pick me up or refresh.

Hair felt full of bounce, clean and soft using this. A great shampoo, Even though on the spendy side, I would still re-purchase this as the quality is amazing.

Buy me from Amazon. £21 for 250ml

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