JASON – Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover.

Jason - Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover

I’m a big lover of trying natural beauty products.  When I came across this little tub of makeup remover pads by JASON on Feel Unique, I knew I had to try them.

The quicker and easier I can take off my makeup at night the better. Anything that makes life easier gets a massive thumbs up from me.

On a normal day, I will always use some form of wipe to remove the majority of my make up, then out comes the wide range of skincare to cleanse, scrub and polish my skin within an inch of its life.

I was intrigued by these cruelty free cotton pads. In the tub are a generous 75 pads, however they are very small. One would do one eye (using both sides).

Soaked in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, makeup is instantly dissolved. They are effective, however if you have sensitive eyes I would not use on the eyes, as they sting. They sting terribly.  

Jason - Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover

For something so natural these little pads really irritated my eyes. I have persevered with half the pack however I haven’t used them up, mainly as they are too small to remove makeup from the face area.  I would probably need around 10 for my whole face.

So to recap, these weren’t nearly large enough, stung my eyes and left my skin feeling dry and stripped of any oils. Considering these are an all-natural product I was surprised at how harsh they seemed on the skin.  If they had suited my sensitive skin, I would stock up on these for travelling as they would be ideal.
Loved the idea, however sorry Jason, these were not for me.  

Jason - Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover
  • I find lots of wipes and pads irritate my eyes too which is a shame as these are so cute xxx

  • these just seem so harsh and so strong on the eyes. not my thing at all x

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