Rimmel Lipstick in ‘Birthday Suit’.

Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit

So let’s go back a while. Not last week, nor last month, not even last year. I am talking over a decade ago, maybe longer. When I was much younger I was in love with Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Birthday Suit lipstick. A perfect nude, well so I thought back then.

Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit
After a recent Twitter chat reminiscing about makeup mistakes and those products which were ‘in’ back in the old days, I decided to relive my youth.  Birthday Suit was among my favourite items at the time.  To be honest I can’t really remember much other makeup I used then, however I do remember purchasing more than one tube of this, so it must have made quite an impression.

I knew Rimmel still made this. I had seen it in Boots months ago and it brought a smile to my face then, so I thought why not give it another go, for under £5 it will not break the bank.  
Repackaged in a much sleeker tube, the shade is just how I remember.  I am interested to see if I still like, or think OMG what was I thinking?
Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit
The formulation is creamy, the shade has a browner tone than I remembered. It is fairly moisturising and applies evenly. I do still like the shade, it is very neutral and would suit most skin tones.
Rimmel Lipstick, Birthday Suit
I can say that it wouldn’t be my choice so much now, I like much pinker nudes. However it was fun to try something I loved so much all those years ago. I am so pleased all those hours spent in the pub and on nights out I didn’t look like a loon and in fact this actually suited me! And yes, I will still wear this, it makes me feel young(er) again!
£4.99 from Boots
If you re-visit your teenage years and experiment with something you loved back then, I would love to know. Any triumphs or disasters.

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