Perfect Rosy Cheeks & Red Stained Lips.

Perfect Rosy Cheeks & Red Stained Lips, Nars Red Square, Tarte Tipsy
Rosy cheeks and pretty stained lips, not only make me think of colder days, where hot chocolate and dark mornings feature heavily, but also the products you can switch your look up with.

Now I know many bloggers talk of wine and berry stained lips at this time of year, however I feel like switching it up a little to a red stained lip. Especially with the festive season on the way. I have 2 great options for both budgets, plus a blush which seems to complement either perfectly.

Perfect Rosy Cheeks & Red Stained Lips, Nars Red Square, Tarte Tipsy

Maybelline’s Color Drama in Light It Up is an easy option to get that cherry stained look. Hydrating, creamy and easy to apply, even for the most novice. Nars Red Square is ever so slightly more orange toned and quite the cult product. It took me ages to get my hands on this, out of stock on every available outlet. I prefer the colour to the Color Drama, but it is not quite as creamy.

Both pencils conveniently provide a handy liner and lipstick all in one.  At £18, the Nars pencil is more expensive than Maybelline’s. I, for one think it is worth the splurge, however the Maybelline pencil, dare I say it lasts a little longer.  

Once you have your lip tint mastered, a perfect and much-hyped blush to try is Tipsy by Tarte.  This blush complements any brighter lip leaving a lovely flushed look to the skin. A real winner. 

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