The Perfect Handcream.

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When I first picked this Hemp Hand Protector up from The Body Shop, I was not quite sure if it was for me. I had visions it would lay in a drawer with tonnes of other hand creams untouched. Let me say I am so glad I persevered with this and have been using continuously as the condition of my hands has improved dramatically.

Thick and slightly funky smelling (trust me you get used to this) this is an absolute Godsend for dry, cracked hands. Slightly greasy on application, once this cream has soaked in it works its magic to leave hands soft and hydrated.

This has been in my bag for the last 3 weeks and has worked wonders. So if like me you are prone to dry skin at this time of year, I highly recommend this. And besides I have grown to love the smell too. The hemp seed oil makes your hands feel lovely and supple. This is by far the most effective hand cream I have ever tried.
Find me at The Body Shop starting from just £5 

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