Winter Accessories.

As the weather becomes colder and the days longer, the flip flops and tees have long been packed away.  It is time to add some new pieces to refresh our wardrobes for the long winter ahead.

The day these pictures were taken the weather was particularly wet and thoroughly miserable.  I was lucky enough to have a very patient partner on hand.who didn’t seem too bothered by the rain, aside from the odd drop dripping from his very wet nose.

Years ago I invested in this rather snazzy Radley umbrella. Fairly plain and extremely sturdy, this has proved value for money as the years roll by.  I just love the old fashioned wooden handle. You can find similar here, with prices starting from around £16.  I struggled to find any Radley ones with wooden handles, however there are a few Totes ones to choose from on this website.
This satchel was an absolute steal from New Look. With a stylish two-toned ox-blood and black design, I love the simplicity of this bag. Perfect to store the days essentials and that much used iPad, I am in love with this bargain. Last time I was browsing this is still in stock for just £24.99. The perfect addition to any winter wardrobe.

River Island seem to be ticking all the boxes at the moment. This grey, purple and pink tartan scarf has been worn daily for as long as I can remember and seems to be permanently attached to my neck. Oh so soft, this woolly wonder is one of the best buys at the moment. Feels like cashmere is a humble acrylic mix. I did have a picture of me wearing this, however it is mysteriously disappeared, so I am afraid you will have to make do with a photo courtesy of River Island.

  • That New Look satchel is lovely! It would be perfect for me for work…Hopefully they have some in stock in my local shop 🙂 x

    Brenda BusyBee

  • I love it! it has been in hibernation for a while, however is now coming on for Christmas! xx

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