Freckles Courtesy of Topshop.

Topshop Freckle Pencil
Freckles, love them or hate them, they do make you appear younger and more youthful.

I have a few freckles over the bridge of my nose and cheeks, however they seem to have significantly faded as I’ve become older. When I saw this Freckle Pencil in Topshop I had to try this.  You may think well if you want to draw freckles on then, 1 – you are either slightly crazy and 2 – why can’t you just use any brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil?

I am not one of these people who normally buy gimmicks, however seeing this on Topshop’s website I really wanted to try to recapture my youth.

This pencil has a marbled effect, so each freckle has a slightly different tone, leaving you with a natural (not drawn on) effect.  Apply the freckles randomly to the desired area and then apply foundation, powder and bronzer as normal.  The effect is flawless looking, youthful skin. This waxy pencil lasts ages on the skin, so do not worry about smudges. Once you have applied foundation the freckles seem to blend in and look real. 
We all know the damage the sun can do to our skin, this is a an effective way to achieve a youthful, bright-eyed look, risk-free.  Freckles in a pencil, who would have thought it?

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