The New York Files: Fun in the Photobooth.

  New York Fun in the Photobooth, Forever 21, F21

New York.  One of the most amazing places in the world. A diverse, colourful, urban jungle.

If I had a spare half a million dollars, I would certainly go all Sex and The City and buy an apartment overlooking Central Park.  Oh, to have Tiffany’s just around the corner this would certainly cause me to be extremely spendy, that or bankrupt!!!

I have a real love affair with this magical city, so much so I have decided to devote the odd post to my beloved New York. London is fantastic and I love spending time in ‘the smoke’, New York is just so much bigger! Supersize.

I decided to recently have a sort out, I now have a proper space to blog, imagine my delight (or horror) when I came across these photo booth pictures with my friend Meg.  These were taken around 2 years ago in Forever 21 in Times Square. This photobooth was a completely different kettle of fish. It records every single moment in the booth, so as you decide on that pose, straighten your hair, smile or stick your tongue out it records EVERYTHING.
When you disembark at Heathrow you can watch the action over and over again, much the same as you would watching a scary film. From behind that cushion. I saw this clip today for the first time in years and cringed the whole 2 minutes. And really just what am I doing in those pictures??
Now this video made me laugh, so I thought I would do the honorable thing and share with you all.  Unfortunately our time in the photobooth is no longer available to watch online, so please laugh over the pics instead!
More New York soon….

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