Combating Skin Acne Scarring with SK:N.

Combating Skin Acne with SK:N, skincare, skin treatment
We’ve all been there. Problematic skin. 
I don’t know about you, but if my skin is looking great and is blemish free, I feel much more confident. Growing up through my teenage years, I was fortunate enough to be fairly blemish free and miss the curse of the dreaded spots,  However saying that I do have a tiny scar on my nose, where I have no idea where this came from. It is indentation, which foundation and any BB creams sink into.  Luckily I have found using a primer first seems to fix this. 

Imagine you had really bad acne though, so much so it scarred your skin badly and it’s painful. Really painful.   As technology moves on, foundations and face creams improve and some of them are let’s face it pretty incredible.

However there occasions where no amount of makeup can help.  Hiding behind a mask of heavy foundation or layers of face powder is no fun. Occasionally some of us have to resort to more extreme measures. 
This post is by no means preaching, heck I have been lucky enough to have had fairly clear skin throughout my adult life, however if I did have mild/bad acne scarring I may resort to something other than makeup to try to fix it.
Here’s where Sk:n come in. There are clinics right across the country which are partnered with the NHS to help treat all kinds of skin conditions.  The ‘best skincare doctors in the UK’, are there to tailor a plan to suit you, to dramatically reduce scarring. I am not a skin care specialist and do not claim to be, however I believe this tailor made service could benefit those who wish to improve their scarred skin.  For more info click here.
If this post has been helpful, you try any ttreatment or have already had some experience, please do let me know. 

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