New! Benefit Roller Lash.

Benefit Roller Lash, Mascara, Makeup

Benefit’s much loved They’re Real mascara never really did it for me. By mid afternoon the mascara had made its way down my cheek and smudged everywhere.  

And I don’t even have particularly oily eyelids, so when Roller Lash was added to benefit’s collection I was sceptical. So much so I wasn’t even going to try it.  However when Elle magazine confirmed they were releasing their March issue with a deluxe sample I thought I must give it a whirl. It didn’t take alot to sway me.

I’m sure you have all read reviews a 1,000 times before and probably all tried Roller Lash by now, but here’s the lowdown in my world.

First off, I love, love, love this brush.  I seem to get on really well with smaller wands (like this) it’s so easy to catch all those short lashes and coat every single one.  The shape and size of the brush is perfect to grab each lash.  One coat doesn’t give me quite enough oomph, however two does the job perfectly. 

By 3pm this mascara was still going strong with not a flake or smudge in sight. So far I much prefer this to They’re Real, no contest.  Easy to apply with minimal effort to build up volume and just as easy to remove at the end of the day. 

Benefit Roller Lash, Mascara, Makeup

Benefit releases are always hyped to the max,  and as always the advertising and packaging are spot on. The campaign for Roller Lash all centres around hair rollers and holding a curl all day. This mascara really opens up the eyes, lashes are lengthened and curled. Inky black lashes and the curl DOES hold.

Personally I think that there are much cheaper drugstore mascaras out there as good,  however I’m sure all the die-hard benefit fans will love this and buy regardless. 

Unsure if I would buy the full-sized version,  I would love to know what you all think of Roller Lash. And do you prefer to They’re Real?

Benefit Roller Lash, Mascara, Makeup

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