The Amsterdam Getaway.

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In January we headed off to the tulip town of Amsterdam. For my partner’s birthday I booked a surprise, flying visit to the colourful city. Intrigued by the Dam’s reputation I thought it would be a fun break away and certainly different. Now I’m not one for sex shops or smoking spiffs, but this city is soooo much more than that. A picturesque, history-filled, friendly city. Here’s why you should go.

Citizen M Hotel, Amsterdam

Citizen M Hotel, Amsterdam
First off you need a great hotel. Citizen M’s your guy. Conveniently located, not far from the airport, with easy access to the centre of Amsterdam.  This is a great place to rest your head and indeed your feet. Hip with AM and PM shower gel, trendy bar and 24 hour help-yourself food bar, this hotel boasts massive kingsize beds, soft sheets and the option to change the colour of your room depending on your mood. From the outside Citizen M is a rainbow, every room lit a different colour.
Citizen M Hotel
Citizen M Hotel

The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam
After a great nights sleep, one of the most reflective, sad and interesting places to go, has to be the Anne Frank House. Most people are aware of this brave, young girls story. Hiding in an annexe, behind a bookcase, during the Second World War, all because she was Jewish. Wanting to escape the barbaric treatment from the Nazi’s. This is a place to contemplate, learn and feel inspired. Anne Frank will never be forgotten. Want to read her diary, get it here.

The Cat Boat

Cat Boat
Cat Boat
Needing something a little lighter head over to meet the residents of the Cat Boat. The Poezenboot (Cat Boat), is one of the most unique animal sanctuaries in the world. A Dutch barge moored on the river, housing many stray, abandoned cats. The cats are all well fed, loved and cared for. The sanctuary has been renovated to be feline-friendly and open since 1966. I quite frankly, being the cat lover I am, was in my element. It was great to see all of these happy cats, I wanted to bring them all home with me. If you, like me are a feline freak and wish to visit, head to Singel Canal. The Cat Boat is open to visitors from 1-3pm, except Wednesdays and Sundays, when the boat is closed to the public.


food, chocolate mousse
I just had to show you these chocolate mousse’s in our hotel. Actual flower pots, filled with chocolate mousee, what a fab idea, to all you budding bakers out there.
If you’re stuck for ideas for a city break, then this is a fantastic city to visit. For the short time we were there, we crammed so much in. It’s easy to get around on the trams, and the tickets are just a few pounds. And for the non-flyers out there, the hop across the ocean, is just 40 minutes. 
I would love to hear if anyone else has been or thinking of going, please comment below.

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