I Bought it for the Blog.

I Bought it for the Blog

Looking through my stash on a daily basis, it appeared to me how much of this stuff is actually essential. I mean, how much of it do I REALLY use. Blush compacts, eye-shadow palettes and lipsticks all gathering dust. Organised, however unused. I’ve always had a reasonable sized collection of makeup and absolutely everything you could think of to look after the skin. Blogging increased the stash.  It got to the point where the stash was overflowing. It needed to be more streamlined.  I had makeup sales; both at work and on the blog. Before my ‘shop’ was even open at work, the girls swarmed like bees to honey. Better than ebay sales, no postage charges, yay. Organisation was once restored and less clutter inevitable.
It’s hard being a blogger, what with regular posting. Pictures which need taking (impossible in the winter). Having posts to think of. Commenting on blogs. Replying to comments on your own blog. Keeping people interested.  Saying something different. Watching YouTube and reading blogs for inspiration. Keeping motivated. The list goes on.  And then there’s the products.
How many of you buy products just to review for the blog?  Hands up. Mine’s up. Something you feel you SHOULD write about as opposed to something you WILL use.  How many feel pressure to buy new things constantly to keep up with the latest trends? Yes! Guilty again.
We all use the excuse ‘I bought it for the blog’. I have used this certainly on more than one occasion. Ending up with products that you won’t use, are unsuitable and later on the phrase ‘OMG’ comes to mind. Why ever did I buy that?  Products ending in the bin, as they haven’t been used and have reached the end of their life. What a waste.
I bet this next paragraph reminds you of yourself (to be read quickly, for full effect)……..
‘50% off.  3 for 2.  BOGOF. Essential? Non-essential? Need? Want? Do I need it? Would I actually use it? How much money is in my account? (calculates mental sum) Have I paid my car insurance yet?  Shall I wait until payday? No, might be out of stock. Oh I don’t need it. Ambles around Boots for another 15 minutes deciding on whether it’s actually needed. Oh, I could get it. I’ll make use of it. Surely. But I don’t need it. I mean, my world wouldn’t end without it. Would it? Oh, I could use that other bank card instead. I have to review it. It’ll go on the blog. Would I be overdrawn? No I’d be fine. I’ll write my review tomorrow. I can’t think about anything else to write about and besides, I’ll take pack lunches to work all week. I promise, I won’t even hit the canteen. Chicken and salad sandwiches every day. Plus that will help the health kick too. See it is justified’.  Heads to the till. Or in fact changes mind again and leaves the shop empty handed and in a fluster. Driving home and still debating on whether to order online.
Does this remind you of yourself?
Take Benefit’s They’re Real Eyeliner. Months ago, I had good intentions. This all singing, all dancing wonder eyeliner was going to be the one to help me master that trendy flick. It is still on my list to do. I have swatched on my hand and it has yet to reach my eye area.  The hype surrounding this product swayed me to hand over my debit card and still remains unused.  As of yet, quite pointless.
Sleek’s colourful eyeshadow palettes. Why, oh why? I am a neutral eyed girl all the way, What possible use I am going to have for these? This was soon sold on.
Barry M’s latest Speedy Nail Paints. My nails are unpainted at the moment. I’m waiting for them to improve before I paint them. This makes no sense.
Sephora orders, ‘oooh must get in there, buy something different from the USA’ and then write about it. High postage charges, Really? Necessary or frivolous?
Stationery, endless notepads you don’t need.  Surely you could blog on a budget?  I am sure there will be hauls in the future, of course there will. In fact the posts have already been written, waiting to be published. Surely there comes a point when you say, ‘right I have more than enough to last ages?’  It’s time to reign it in for a while and buy only the essentials. Deodorant, razors and shampoo.
I’m not saying I won’t succumb to new releases in the future, I am quite sure I will. But next time I hand over my debit card I am going to be more #savvy and less #spendy.
In celebration of all things budget friendly, it is officially time to #getstingy or in fact #getsmart.
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