My Brown Brogues.

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I’m not one of those girls who is obsessed with shoes. Give me a comfy leather boot, pair of wellies or Birkenstocks and I am more than happy.

I’ve always had a problem buying shoes for my Size 8’s, frankly they are wide. Not the widest around, however it would be so much easier to buy shoes, if they were smaller. Still they get me around, so I must not complain. They need looking after.

Searching for new work shoes is a problem. I went in so many shops trying on anything, I did not care on the budget, whether I spent £8 or £80, as long as they fitted. The £8 fail was inevitable and happened. Primark is OK for cheap shoes for work, yes we all know they will only last a few weeks, however they are not the best for your feet and offer no support. I tried some on, thought they were ok and brought them home. After a week of trudging around work, trying to keep these shoes on my feet, I discovered they were a size 9. Ridiculous. Labelled wrongly and far too big. Colleagues thought it was hilarious and I looked daft.
This is where these suede brogues came in. Unsure if something so narrow would fit me. They do. They are beautiful and comfortable, My feet are happy and I look, dare I say it – quite trendy! Teamed with skirts, floral dresses and jeans, these work. Reduced from £130 to £24.99, these were a star buy. So far no blisters and very happy feet. 

If you have wide feet, I highly recommend trying brogues, even these work for me.

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