The Definition Of A Beauty Blogger.

‘beauty blogger’



  1. a person who regularly writes material for a beauty blog.

Muji storage.  Diptyque candles.  A large Lush collection and all the latest blogging books on the shelf. That doesn’t define a beauty blogger but this does:
the definition of a beauty blogger
Passionate about products. Hoping to find something that will change all of our lives. Loves taking pictures. Loves the community. Writes as much as one can. Has a steady stream of ideas, some may work, some quite frankly a bit on the lame side. Drinks copious amounts of tea.
Sometimes #spendy. Sometimes #thrifty. Getting the hang of hashtags, #tookawhile. Obsessed with finding the perfect foundation. Loves sharing pictures of the cat/dog/rabbit and his antics. Drinks more tea.
Bakes to blog, and more often that not fails.  Loves bargain prices, with high-end results.
Hates luxury products, which are over-hyped and a waste of money.  Obsessed with Estee Lauder Doublewear, cushion foundations and  the latest craze.
Has a massive collection of gorgeous notebooks, more than they can ever use. An overflowing accessories collection. Tonnes of handbags. Maybe one designer bag features in there somewhere but many dupes.
Hates short days. No light. No photos. Has bad skin days. Bad hair days. Bad nail days. Clarins, Clinique, Barry M and Bourjois. Great skin days. Good hair days. Average nail days. GHD’s. Bumble and Bumble. Essie Mint Candy Apple.
Scrubs, creams, serums, toners, cleansers. moisturisers. The Queen of face masks.  Mud masks, sheet masks, peel masks, overnight masks, fruit masks, clay masks, bubble masks, hydrating masks and thermal (oh, so hot) masks.
Skint days.  Spendy days.  Jo Malone and Peony Blush Suede. Great reviews, products that don’t make the grade. Down days. Happy days. Things not going right days. Can write for England days.
Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin. Pens, washi tape, iPad and iPhone. On the hunt for Holy Grail products. Some make the cut, many do not. Endless mascara back-ups.
Winged eyeliner, still trying to master. French manicures. Needs MORE storage.  Problem feet, dry skin.
Vogue, Cosmo and Elle.  Blogger block and brain storm.
Constantly wanting to improve. Pictures and writing. Needs more time to blog, take pictures and write (#needmorehoursintheday). Thinks of ideas in the car, in the shop, in bed, cooking tea, constantly.
Lucky enough to receive PR samples. An added bonus. Blog design, take version 8.0+++.
Always wants to change, always wants to be different. Wants to be a blogger of the people, represent the clan.
110% committed. 

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