One to Add to Your Sephora Shopping List – Bite Agave Lip Mask.

Bite Agave Lip Mask, Sephora Shopping list
So the inevitable happened. Sephora got shopped. Baring in a mind this was quite a while ago, Bite’s Agave Lip Mask has had a proper road test throughout the coldest months of the year. I had heard pretty good reviews about this product and my lips were, let’s just say, suffering. Sore, dry and cracked. Not ideal and certainly not lipstick worthy.  I needed something hardcore. Something special. Something really hydrating to sort out the problems so I could crack Nars’ Red Square out again.

This came along. It’s good. So very good. The tube is not the best designed ever.  Sure it looks good, but it’s hard to squeeze the product out. The product itself is a thick balmy texture. Think Vaseline but much thicker. It’s not very scented, slightly sweet. The key ingredient; it hydrates to the max. Slap on overnight and by morning you will see a real improvement. Tastes pretty good too. A little sugary. Applying makeup? Rub some in before you start on your base, and by the time you get to applying your lip product of choice, they will be soft and perfectly prepped.
I am using this product all the time, even though it’s now warmed up a bit, It’s fantastic and has sorted out my lips in no time at all. This is certainly one to add to your Sephora wishlist.

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