The Festival Survival Kit.

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I’m a creature of habit and like my home comforts, so instead of sleeping in a muddy field and uttering the phrase #gohardorgohome, I’m found lounging in a comfy bed with crisp sheets, a good book and a herbal tea.

In preparation of camping and all things festival related, I have joined ranks with Kiehl’s and give you the ultimate survival kit. I’ll be a honest I’m not a festival go-er, however I have been given some great advice by seasoned pros. If you have any items you can’t live without during your time at said festival, please leave them in the comments below.


Face wipes, sun-cream, after-sun, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, lip balm with an SPF, moisturiser.


Kiehl’s Microblur Skin Perfector (primer), tinted moisturiser, any stick bronzer. For the eyes, a waterproof mascara and coloured eyeliner to rock the look at night. Urban Decay face setting spray.

Other Essentials:

Dry shampoo (Colab New York is my favourite), hairbrush, hair ties, deodorant, shower gel (if planning on using showers) and a towel.  Toothbrush, toothpaste, sunhat, bottled water, poncho and wellies. Baby wipes, hand sanitiser, tissues, a couple of toilet rolls, plasters, cash (a typical meal costs between £6-£7), sunglasses, camera, phone and charger. Sleeping bag.

The Festival Survival Kit

General Advice:

Don’t Wear Excessive Layers 

If it rains, you get soaked and will be frozen.

Overdone the Alcohol?
Hydrate your skin. Bring your own bottled water and drink to keep hydrated. Long days in the sun and over drinking could mean you flake out and miss your favourite band.

Block Out The Sun
Keep topping up the sun-cream as often as possible. Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defence with SPF 50 is perfect under tinted moisturiser for the face.  Bring a hat and don’t forget those sun shades.

There will be enough music to see to keep you going for the year. Arrange which artists you want to see so you don’t miss your favourite acts. Check to see if the venue offers a timetable or map.

Whether you are off to Leeds, Sundown, local fete or you have been lucky enough to head overseas to Coachella, be safe, have fun and make memories.  

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