15 Beauty Hacks To Leave You Looking Fabulous.

15 Beauty Hacks To Leave you Looking Fabulous!

When I published ‘29 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Try‘, I didn’t anticipate just how popular this post would be. So it was time to search out new tips and bring you 15 more to try.  Please let me know if there is anything you do to make you feel fabulous in the comments below.

1. Use a lip balm or eye cream as a cuticle treatment.  Both serve the same purpose as a cuticle balm.

2. Do you thighs tend to rub together in the summer? Spray deodorant between them to create a barrier. Weird, but it works.

3. Run out of shaving foam?  Try hair conditioner or baby oil instead.

4. Travelling? Have limited products? Double-up and use your lipstick as a cream blush. Your cheeks and lips will complement each other perfectly.

5. Mix highlighter with body lotion to leave a lovely sheen to the skin in the summer.

6. If waterproof mascara irritates your eyes, sweep clear mascara over your normal mascara, which acts as a top coat.

7. Running late? Don’t have time for your moisturiser to sink in? Try spritzing Urban Decay’s B6 Vitamin Infused Complexion Prep Spray instead. It absorbs very quickly and leaves skin prepped ready for you to apply foundation.

8. Struggling with winged eyeliner. Create a template out of a post-it, apply to the lid and colour in. Genius!

9. Bobby pins move about? Spray with hairspray and fix in place. Insert with the smooth side up for the best hold.

10. Tame unruly brows with lipbalm.

11. Buy a tub of coconut oil. Being multi-purpose, this is a great addition to any beauty junkie’s kit. Use to remove makeup, moisturise the skin and as a mask to replenish hair.

12. To make your own pout-plumping lip concoction mix a drop of cinnamon or peppermint oil to your lipstick or gloss. Kylie Jenner alert, with no needle in sight.

13. Apply Vaseline to lashes at bedtime to make them grow longer.

14. Want your glossy lipstick to appear matte. Apply concealer all over the lips first.

15. Run a kohl eyeliner along your eyelash curlers. Then hold to the lashes, squeeze and curl, this leaves a perfect smoked eyeliner imprint.

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