29 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Try.

29 Beauty Hacks Every Woman Should Try
We all seem to be on the look-out for tips and tricks which will save time, improve life and makes things easier. Over the past few weeks I have been collecting and noting down my favourite beauty hacks.  The internet, magazines, newspapers, blogs and twitter all have excellent recommendations. I hope you find these pearls of wisdom helpful.
If you have any of your own beauty hacks, tips or tricks, please contribute below. Let’s kick off with a hack to keep mascara looking fresh.
1. If you mascara is a few hours old and flaky, dab lip balm onto lashes to restore glossiness.
2. Waxing at home?  Dust talc over your legs prior to waxing and the hairs will show up better.
3. Using a dark nail polish?  Use 2 base coats to help prevent the nails from staining.
4. Cracked heels? Mix 1/2 cup water, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup of mouthwash. Soak for ten minutes and wipe away dead skin.
5. Keep kohl eyeliner in the fridge to create a sharper point.
6. Acne-prone skin?  Mix a few drops of tea tree oil to your moisturiser, to help fight off spots.
7. Foundation stains on your favourite white top. Spray shaving foam over the stain and toss into the wash.
8.  Don’t forget to moisturise the back of your neck and behind your ears.
9.  Avoid applying concealer to the whole eye area.  Instead concentrate on brightening the inner corner, so the concealer will not settle in fine lines.
10. Apply Vaseline around your eyes before bed to keep the skin hydrated.
11. Fill an ice cube tray with milk. Massage over the skin to reduce puffiness.
12. Wear berry or fuchsia lips to make teeth look whiter.
13. Tightline to give lashes a thicker appearance.
14. Press your cheek with your finger.  Skin is congested if it leaves a white mark.  Dry if the mark disappears quickly.
15. Wear glasses? Wear simple neutral eyeshadow. Save bright colours for the lips.
16. Use wipes before applying suncream to the face, to prevent pores clogging.
17. Keep a spoon in your makeup kit. Place under the eye as you apply mascara to the bottom lashes. Any excess ends up on the spoon.
18. Apply liquid concealer to moisturiser for a quick luminous base.
19. Spritz your favourite perfume on your ironing board.  The heat and steam from the iron will transfer the scent to your clothes. Now where is that Jo Malone?
20. Use the same brush for primer and foundation for a dewy finish.
21. Apply instant tan and then dry with a hairdryer. This way you will know the true colour once the skin is dry and if you need to reapply.
22. Blend foundation upwards, so it doesn’t stick to hairs along the jawline.
23. The closest match to your natural skin tone is below the ear. So test foundation here.
24. Going perfume shopping.  Do not eat a curry the night before.  The spices seep into the skin and change the scent.
25. Applying blush? Swirl in small, light circles to create an air brushed effect.
26. Apply a stick sunscreen over brows to stop the sun bleaching the hairs.
27. Need your nails to dry quickly? No quick-dry products around. Dip your fingertips into ice water.
28. Run out of nail polish remover, soak a cotton pad in perfume. Wipe off the polish as normal.
29. Not had time to break those new shoes in? Rub Vaseline or deodorant onto your heels to create a barrier to avoid those painful blisters.

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