Perfect Every Day Makeup Brushes.

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Makeup drawers can be stuffed with Dior. MAC and Chanel, however you still need decent tools to get the job done.  

U Spicy were not a brand I was familiar with. You could call me little bit of a brush snob; Real Techniques, Clinique, MAC, Nars, Sigma. All currently in need of a wash, squeezed into brush holders. (Note to self, next job on the list, clean and organise brushes). U Spicy. The name kind of puts me off a little. I seriously think of a Curry house and mango chutney, not a top of the range brush set.

Over the last few days I have used these brushes constantly. Put a blindfold on me and spin me around (stick with me, it’s not one of those types of posts) and I would not be able to tell the difference between these and Real Techniques brushes.

Weighty, soft and beautiful to blend. Easy to wash with no shedding. They are really, REALLY great brushes. Real Techniques have been relegated and are still in need of a wash.  Great name or not, these brushes do an excellent job.
£16.99 for 10 brushes
*PR Sample

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