The Weekly Brush Wash.

The Weekly makeup brush wash, brush cleaning

As we all know, washing your makeup brushes is so important. Crammed with germs, dirt and old makeup, who quite frankly wants to slap that on your face?  Especially if you’re like me and are so very meticulous with your skin care.

I am trying to deep-clean my brushes once a week (every 10 days) and find it satisfying to see all the grime washed away. At the moment, it seems to happen on a Sunday (mainly the evening) and the same brushes are washed again and again.  Quite frankly there are more important things in life than brushes though, right?

The brushes you can see above are all nearly Real Techniques:
Real Techniques Powder brush
RT Expert Face
RT Buffing
RT Concealer
RT Stippling
RT Setting
RT Duo Fibre (white handle)

In the mix I also have 2 random USpicy* powder brushes (black handles). They are cheap, cheerful from Amazon and do the job and 1 Clinique foundation brush (clear handle).

Being a minimal makeup girl, I do not wear a full eye makeup look every day. Just lashings of mascara and sometimes a MAC paint pot smudged in with the finger or an eyeshadow stick.  As I write this, all the eye makeup brushes are clean, yay!

I just use a little Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap with some warm water. The soap is gentle on the brushes, smells fresh and leaves the brushes clean and soft. Rinse any bubbles out thoroughly and leave the brushes flat to dry.

Ahhh, now it’s time to go back to sleep.

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