The Last Four Photos on my iPhone.

The Last Four Photos on my iPhone
The title of this post says it all, these are the last 4 pictures taken on my iPhone.

Work Summer Party
This was taken around 2-3 weeks ago now.  I oohed and ahhhhed for days about going. I still hadn’t made my mind up 24 hours before if I was/wasn’t going. The girls persuaded me to go and a great time was had by all. I opted for a minimal look. A black sheer shirt, quite dressy with black skinny jeans. Accessorised with a chunky silver collar necklace, nude clutch and monochrome print flat peeptoe shoes. Very Whistles-esque!

Spa Day
Last Sunday Sarah and I headed to a day spa for some much needed R and R. This picture shows me completely makeup free. I love makeup, however I love pamper days and foundation free days just as much. We whiled away a few hours in the jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, mineral bath and had a lovely aromatherapy bath. Balance is now restored.
Messing around in the Photobooth
Again taken at the work’s do. There was a photobooth in the marquee and there were a tonne of props, hats and accessories. It was funny watching people stumbling about, pulling silly faces and trying to look sexy!

Screen Shot of Lily Pebbles Contour Video
The video on YouTube I have most enjoyed over the last few days. Head over and have a look for yourself. Lily looks gorgeous even with brown and cream shapes doodled all over her face. Serious envy!

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