Things I am Loving Right Now!


I am a shopaholic. However something strange has happened recently and instead of wanting to hand over my flexible friend, I have been scouring the internet and am enjoying making collages of things I love the look of and oddly not buying.
These few items are top of my wish list. If  I could only buy 1 or 2 of them I wouldn’t know which to choose so for that very reason, I am not buying any.
Breton tops. I love them all give me a cream or white t-shirt, long sleeved top or vest emblazoned with navy stripes then I like it. I already have many tops that look the same, so at the moment, I do not need to buy anymore.
CK One (Summer version).  I loved the original back in the day, for me it evokes nostalgic memories. My partner uses the original every day, it smells fresh, clean and well I pinch it. This bottle is so pretty, reminds me of beach holidays and I may just pick one up in June at the Duty Free.
Plants. Anything green leaved in a white pot, would look fab in our cottage, this picture is one of millions I could have grabbed online.  ‘Reserved for the Cat’. I need this cushion for my cat. Being soft, I will sit on the floor so he can sit on the sofa. This is apt and aimed at him.
I love travelling, have been all over and love looking at maps, planning out fictional journeys. The old feeling of this map really appeals to me. The makeup bag makes me smile, end of.  But I need no more.  Mimosa, Diptyque.  Safe to say a candle is currently not top of my priorities.
This nude Whistles’ clutch is classic.  Sophisticated and would look good with everything. I have a very similar (literally ‘you can’t tell the difference’) one from Tesco and I’m planning on taking this on holiday with me in June.
Monochrome is over-taking my wardrobe. Muted tones. Safe but stylish and this dress from Topshop is well, just perfect. Birkenstock’s are comfy and these toe posts would go with everything. The rich brown tones would look great with jeans and ummmmm that Breton top.
Rayban’s. Wayfarers.  Nothing more needs to be said. I have worn my aviators to death.  They still have scratched lenses, from the day they were damaged in a car accident.  They lived to tell the tale and are still a very permanent fixture to my face! However I could do with a non-scratched replacement and these are on my hitlist.
Love notepads. Use them for everything, and being a blogger, well this is apt.

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