Tried & Tested: St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower.

St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower

Wow. An ‘in shower tanning lotion’ has arrived from St Tropez.

I don’t know about you, but I am lazy when it comes to fake tan. Not a sunbather, I try to avoid the mid-afternoon sun.  You see I am fair and am more likely to go lobster-like, as opposed to golden goddess. And besides I am keen to avoid the leather look as I age.

If I do fancy a hint of colour, I will slap on a gradual tan in a mediocre fashion and end up with golden arms, and slightly less golden but patchy legs.  When I heard about St Tropez’s latest release, as the crew say ‘I was in there like swimwear’.

When I first used this, the smell was more fruit-like as opposed to the conventional biscuit smell. However after the tan developed over a few hours that biscuit smell soon appeared (relatively non-offensive).

I followed the instructions to a t. Had a shower, scrubbed and exfoliated and rinsed off any remaining shower gel.  Stepped out of said shower. Rubbed the lotion in evenly, as you would normally apply tan. Then the downside is you have to stand for a few minutes in the buff while the tan soaks in. Ok in the summer and it gives you time to make a brew. However if you are wanting a winter glow, then this would be bloody chilly and you would need the heating whacked up.

Anyway after 4 minutes it was time to get back in the shower and rinse the lotion off.  No shower gel this time. Pat yourself dry. There was no instant tan. However after a few hours the tan developed into a slightly golden glow. Just a hint-of-a tint.  Perfect for fair skinned girls as skin just looks healthy with a lovely golden colour.  If you are looking for a dark, tropical, deep tan, then this is not for you.  But if you would like a golden, pretty glow then this will be perfect.

The tan lasted around 5 days and faded gradually. If you did want to top up your tan, this would be perfect for use every other day.

Innovative and great for lazy tanners like me.

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