Blot on the Spot with Benefit’s License To Blot.

Benefit - the Porefessional License To Blot

The packaging sold it to me immediately. A handy, portable anti-shine stick to keep in your handbag or even your pocket. Benefit claim this blotting stick will mattify shine for up to 6 hours after application. If I’ve had a problem with shine in the past I’ll dab a little translucent powder over the t-zone or even reach for a tissue to blot away any unwanted oil.  I am not a fan of heavy makeup so wasn’t sure if I would like this (i.e.piling more product on top of my foundation). It was a bit of gamble, but did the gamble pay off?

Benefit - the Porefessional License To Blot

This product can be worn alone or over makeup. The triangular tip is specially designed to target oily areas of the face, the sides of your nose, forehead and chin. If you are already wearing foundation/powder and then blot, the makeup will transfer.  Benefit suggest using light strokes to apply this over the problem areas. I personally prefer to dab a little onto clean fingers and press onto the skin. I wouldn’t recommend this for excessively oily skin.

Benefit - the Porefessional License To Blot

The balm like consistency blurs pores and helps to reduce shine for around 2 hours. You hardly need any, so use sparingly, or makeup underneath can appear a little cakey.

Ideal if you are travelling this summer, wearing little or no makeup, this is a magic tube to keep on you, just to blot the oil on your t-zone throughout the day.

Benefit products are always packaged so beautifully. Some are worth the money, some seem overpriced. License to Blot is a good place to start if you are new to Benefit as it is one of the cheaper products from their range at £15.50.

Not one normally to buy into gimmicks this is actually a pretty handy product and ideal to keep in your bag for touch-ups throughout the day.

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