Top 10 Holiday Beauty Essentials.

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Essentials

When I was in Kos on holiday it became quite apparent that I used the same products over and over again. Safe to say these became absolute essentials. Heading off to a hot place this year? Then I highly recommend these 10 hero products.  I mean I loved them that much, I even took a picture or 2 of them on my balcony for this post. I have withdrawals already, how I would love to be back on that balcony, drink in hand.

First off I needed a good lip balm.  I had packed Burt’s Bees as this is a complete fail-safe and has never let me down, however I was unsure if it contained SPF, so I headed to The Body Shop at the airport and picked up their Vitamin E with SPF15. Slightly funky smelling, but it did the job and stopped my lips from burning in the hot sun.

Wanting to keep my hair hydrated this holiday, Garnier’s Ultimate Blends Strength Reviver Serum was an instant hit. Rub just a few drops through the ends after each wash and it hydrated hair, stopped frizz, and kept it shiny. It smells amazing (of honey) and I wondered how I have ever lived without it. Currently £3 in Boots (normal price £4.99).

Another moisture packed product for the hair was Macadamia’s Weightless Moisture Leave-In Conditioning Mist*. Handy for a day at the beach, a quick spritz of this provided welcome hydration to those locks. A full review will be up soon.

To keep skin refreshed in the hot sun I always had either La Roche Posay’s Eau Thermale or Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray in my beach bag. Each doubled up as a cooling treatment for slightly warm skin at the end of the day as well. If you’ve had too much sun, this is a refreshing treat to cool the skin down as well as using a little after-sun.

For the face Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense* was the only option. Packed with SPF50, this cream is lightweight, non-greasy and stops burning. By the end of the 10 days, my face looked glowing and healthy. Applied twice daily.

Lush’s Honey Trap lipbalm, doubled up as a cuticle balm and I used this more on my nails than on my lips during our stay. Thick and heavy duty stuff.

Top 10 Holiday Beauty Essentials

I HAD to take micellar water and took a mini Bioderma along with a now available mini version from Garnier. Both similar, effective and ideal for removing any dirt at the end of the day. Just on a side note, how did we cope before micellar waters came along? I seriously do not know!

As well as using Lush’s lipbalm for my nails, I did also take Butter London’s Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil. Packed with all sorts of goodness and smelling like a tropical holiday this was perfect to use each day. I also found using this on the plane on the way home killed a little bordeom for me and my partner!

Last off and a treat for the eyes at night, Sunday Riley’s Start Over Active Eye Cream*.  Ideal to keep the bags away and reduce dark circles. The cooling tip of the applicator cooled the eyes down perfectly and I was impressed with this cream, so much so I may invest in a full size.

When I head off next time, I can guarantee I will pack all these products again. Absolute suitcase essentials.

What products can you not be without on holiday?

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