Make Up Revolution’s £6 Sugar & Spice Blush Palette.

Make Up Revolution's Sugar & Spice Blush Palette.
So we’re well into summer now and I’ve still not switched to bronzer.  It’s this little palette from Make Up Revolution that’s really been doing it for me lately. The Sugar and Spice palette has a great selection of colours, which are beautifully pigmented and easy to blend. Once applied to cheeks, any of these tones really do last all day. 
From the picture below I especially love the pink and orange/coral toned colour beneath. The bronze shades are also perfect to add a touch of warmth to the face.
Make Up Revolution's Sugar & Spice Blush Palette.
This blush palette suits fair skinned beauty’s perfectly. For months it was at the back of the drawer unused and now it actually sets my blush loving heart alight.  A blush novice? Then this is a pretty great place to start.
The quality of this Makeup Revolution palette is exceptional for the price (£6). I am sold and heading over to their website to order the more peachy toned palette Hot Spice. The Golden Sugar palette is also very tempting. 
Surely you would never need to buy another blush shade? Not for a few months away. Seriously impressive stuff. Pick one up now!

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