World Rhino Day: With Barry M’s Chai Nail Paint.

World Rhino Day: With Barry M's Chai Nail Paint.

Ok, ok, ok, this post was meant to have wonderful pictures of nail art.  Nicely painted, grey talons with Rhino inspired decals. Sharp writing and blades of green, green grass.  In reality, my nails looked a complete mess, splodges of unrecognisable shape and flooded cuticles. It turns out I am not very good at this nail art business and in fact, am more suited to an every day nude look. However there is still a wonderful reason to post to day and that is to celebrate World Rhino Day.

So, instead of gazing adoringly at my wonderful nail art, let’s appreciate this rhino-colour inspired Chai nail paint from Barry M and at the same time support a great cause.

Barry M say: ‘We love cosmetics, but we love animals too, beauty with compassion is at the heart of our company’. Save the Rhino is launching a campaign to mark World Rhino Day today, 22nd September. The aim is simple, to raise awareness for rhinos and fund-raise for the charity.

So if you would like to support this campaign, there are a few ways you are able to do so:

1. Customise your nails using either Barry M’s grey Chai Nail Paint or a polish of choice.
2. Upload a nail selfie to Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #nailit4rhinos.
3. If you’re in the UK donate £3 to help save the rhinos by texting NAIL15 £3 TO 70070.
4. Visit to learn more.
5. Follow on Twitter @savetherhino
So, what are you waiting for?  Let’s help our steely-grey friends and #nailit4rhinos.  Oh, and if you want to pick up this fantastic shade from Barry M, head over here

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