10 Tips To Manage Stress.

Top 10 ways dealing with stress

Recently I have had a tonne of stuff going on. Life-changes which have made me feel anxious and a little stressed out.

One to whittle about everything, I have devised a few rules I stick by if I am having any problems, which really seem to help.
Read on if you get stressed out, as these little gems, may just help you as well. 
 1. Deal with problems on the spot
Don’t bottle up your feelings.  Talk to someone you trust.   If you bottle up any problems you may have, then they will grow until you feel like you are going to burst.

2. Slow down
Do everything at a slower speed.   Eat, walk and talk slower.  Don’t go 100 miles an hour. There is always tomorrow. Keep a to-do list and tick things off as you go.

3. Do one thing at a time
Don’t overload your system. Typically I will be writing an email, watching a film and eating tea. SYSTEM OVERLOAD!!! If I do too much at one time, my head literally feels like it will explode and I get a migraine. Wish to know more about dealing with migraines then find out more here.

4. Coping with ruts
We can all get in a rut. Just look at the blogging ruts I have.  Same old day, every day.  If you feel you’re in a rut or heading for one, then think about change.  Plan weekends, book something to look forward to.  Take up a hobby.  A change of scenery and change of plans will help.
top 10 ways dealing with stress

5. Divide problems up
Have a massive problem? Divide into bite-sized chunks and then deal with one thing at a time. Makes things much easier.

6. Look and sound relaxed
Try to look calm, even if you’re not. Other people will pick up on how you are feeling from your body language.  Don’t fidget.  Look confident, you will feel better on the inside knowing you appear relaxed to others.

7. Take time out for yourself
Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day. Take a walk, read a book or have a bath. Call that person you haven’t spoken to in ages.

8. Prioritise
Put tasks in order. Tackle the worst first and get them out of the way. Do something more fun afterwards.

9. Don’t try to be perfect
Don’t compare yourself to others, be you. No-one is perfect. Love you good points and live with your faults.

10. Confide in someone you trust
A problem shared…. you know the drill.  Others may be able to offer a solution you hadn’t even thought of. And it may help you feel less alone.

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