7th Heaven Skin & Hair Care.

7th Heaven Skin & Hair Care, Montagne Jennesse

I’m all about budget brands, I love luxury as much as the next person, however I’m partial to a bargain and when 7th Heaven do face, hair and foot masks for £1, as well as they do, it’s very easy to be tempted.

I remember all those years ago when 7th Heaven was known as Montagne Jennesse. Many an afternoon was spent in Superdrug stocking up on these treats. With a huge range of scents and types of masks, it was easy to spend hard-earned pocket money. There was often change left over from a tenner.

The photos on the packaging haven’t changed much and it appears the formula hasn’t changed either. Using these is really like re-capturing my youth. Back to the Take That and Rimmel Birthday Suit Days. I’m pleased to report these masks are as good as ever.

Today I have had a fairly lazy time of it at home, aside from taking some much needed blog photos and baking a batch of brownies not much else has been going on. Apart from having a Papaya Hair Mask in my hair all day. The instructions say to leave on for up to 5 minutes, well that was hours ago and the mask had cemented itself to my locks.

After washing this out, far later than recommended, my hair smelt amazing and is the softest it has been in a long time. It seems MJ or 7th Heaven (I prefer to still call them the former) are here to stay and are in fact as good as ever.

If you are looking for a new face mask to try, I highly recommend their coffee mask. With the same texture as Aesop’s Parsley Masque it seems to do a fantastic job. I can feel a trip to Superdrug is on the cards for a replenishment.

*PR Sample

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