Excited Over a Shower Gel?

Molton Brown Gingerlily Body Wash

I don’t normally get excited about a shower gel.  I mean c’mon, it washes you, may offer some exfoliation or hydration and hopefully leave you feeling clean.  Essential but boring. Hey, it may even wake you up so your are set for the day ahead.
However that all changed, when I started to use Molton Brown’s heavenly Gingerlily Body Wash. Packed with white lily extract and tamanu oil, this beautifully scented wash, left my skin so moisturised.  The spicy, warm notes of ginger and cardamom lingered in the bathroom long after I had stepped out of the shower. Only a tiny amount is needed and it works best used with a shower puff to leave dry skin hydrated 
With an £18 price-tag, there is no doubt this is expensive for a shower gel. Due to the hefty tag, this was meant to be saved for treat nights, however I was so addicted I used this up within a couple of weeks.
Transported to an exotic world, Gingerlily made me somewhat excited about a shower gel. The standard Radox no longer seems quite so appealing.
Have you tried any of the Gingerlily range from MB, if so please tweet me, using #prepforparadise.  
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