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There seems to be a chill in the air now. Mornings are so dark and it seems a long time ago I was sporting those oh so sexy flip-flops. I must admit I have been a little lax lately with pampering. I had been in a routine and were using regular scrubs and lotions, however with one thing or another, time has been precious lately, and it seems dust has been collecting on those shiny lids.  Now my legs are in need of a good scrub and a somewhat intense moisturising session.

So I decided I needed a serious pamper session, to use products which will restore my legs (and in fact body) to its former glory. Smooth and soft, instead of dry and well in fact a little stubbly (hey, we’re all human)! Instead of heading to Boots, I knew I had a couple of additions somewhere which would hopefully give me the results I needed, so I shopped the stash.

Now a permanent fixture on the side of the bath-tub, this duo from The Body Shop deliver the goods. 

Revitalising Ritual Dead Sea Salt Scrub
The most beautiful scented scrub ever. Gritty, however non-abrasive this is seriously good stuff, just the right texture to really polish skin. I raved about Kaeso’s Pomegrante Scrub in a recent post, I didn’t think I could find a scrub which would top that and I have. Let’s say this is more scent appropriate for the cooler months. It smells incredible. Fresh and well, of salt. Think Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt and you’re just about there. Use only a small amount, it is a little greasy. Once washed away, if you have used just the right amount, it will leave skin feeling hydrated.

Relaxing Ritual French Lavender Masssage Oil
After giving the skin a good buff. I add a few drops of this oil to the tub. Soak, and then use a little additional oil to shave my legs. The shave is close and leaves skin beautifully hydrated and soft. Perfect for any dry legs. After a long day at work this is just what the doctor ordered to help both mind and body wind down.

So it seems now is as good a time as any to start running that bath……

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