The Perfect Bronzer from Too Faced (and it Smells of Chocolate).

The Perfect Bronzer from Too Faced.
Of course, we all long for glowy, bronzed skin year round, but what if you’re fair and you’re looking for a really great bronzer?  There are some on the market, both drugstore and high-end which are so orange toned and so muddy and fake, that look ridiculous. 
There are a few bronzers, which I really like and swear by.  At the moment I am leaning towards the higher end of the market, the majority of the more expensive bronzers I have used have the perfect tone to them and suit my fair skin perfectly.  
Nars Laguna (as I stated on a previous post), has just about come to the end and next on my wish list was Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Bronzer.  Lily Pebbles has raved on about this for ages and made me keen to give it a go. So, predictably this ended up in an online shopping basket recently.
I have been using MAC’s new Prolongwear Foundation daily and it seems to provide the most perfect base for bronzer. Skin looks smooth and flawless and pretty much perfect. Teamed with Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate makes for a winning combo.
I wanted a bronzer not so much to contour with, but to to give warmth to the skin. It’s delicately fragranced, of course with chocolate and smells delicious. Think melted Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. 
The tone is so natural, even built up over the skin with a big fluffy brush the result is still a natural looking finish. This is now a favourite bronzer, replacing Laguna.  It’s not so dark and gives a slightly more subtle warmth to the skin. 
Literally it looks as though you have been out in the sun leaving skin looking sun-kissed and beautiful.  Do you have a favourite bronzer you use all year?

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