You Don’t Need to Spend Money to Blog.

You Don't Need to Spend Money to Blog
Fact: I’m not a professional blogger. I don’t pretend to be. The stash I currently have is massive. I have been blogging for 2 years now. It has grown so very much, even with endless blog sales at work. With promotional stuff sent to me from brands, endless subscription boxes and tonnes of mascara, it seems I have enough stuff to write about and compare for years to come.
Fact: You don’t need to spend money to blog. I mean I know you need a few products to review and there may be a few initial outlays to set up. Some kind of photographic device, maybe a blog template, a mascara and cleanser. Once your blog is set up though and you are happy with the layout, you do not need to continue to be frivolous. There are so many posts you can write about; products you use daily and products you are lusting after. I know as bloggers we are all guilty of it, but we don’t need that new mascara (just because it’s for the blog) and that expensive cream that You Tuber (the one with millions of subscribers) you’ve just watched raves on about.  You don’t need to buy that and worry about where your rent money will come from. Hell, I should think she was given it anyway. You don’t have to live on baked beans (yummy I know), just so you can apply an £85 face cream to your face (and then find out it doesn’t work anyway).
I was watching a really well-known You Tuber ages ago, and yes, she is great, however she was raving on about her monthly favourites and how she had worn this pair of shoes all month, she was obsessed with them. However, they had brand new soles with the labels still stuck. Being fashion conscious and oh, so stylish, I can’t imagine she would have left the house with the labels still in tact. Anyway what I am trying to say, is yes all our favourite stars endorse all these wonderful products, but 1: How much are they being paid to talk about this product? And 2: We don’t need to buy those £500 shoes, because our favourite star has told us to. 
Work with what you have, yes buy occasionally. There’s nothing wrong with a treat now and then and of course there are essentials we need to buy. However poor you are, there are still tonnes of posts you can write, without spending a bean (get it)!
Good Luck! 

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