NEW: Anti Ageing Chocolate from Esthechoc (Yes, please).

Esthechoc, Anti Ageing Chocolate

Anti-ageing chocolate, sounds perfect.  Eat chocolate and preserve youthful, good looks. Chocolate that makes you look and feel great.  As someone who is obsessed with skincare, a mad beauty blogger and who loves nothing more than an afternoon cuppa with a square of chocolate, I am excited.
When Esthechoc Cambridge contacted me, to let me know that they would be sending me a 3 week supply of this magical chocolate, I could not wait to meet the postman that week.
This magic chocolate has been in development for the last 10 years and claims to be a highly efficient food supplement (to be eaten alongside a healthy diet). Eating just one square a day claims to increases the level of antioxidants in the skin to help prevent ageing. After 3 weeks, skin is meant to have improved, regaining firmness, radiance and luminosity.
Esthechoc, Anti Ageing Chocolate
Estechoc contains 70% cocoa, one 7.5g square contains the same amount of anti-oxidants as 10kg of raw seaweed and it’s just 38 calories. After tasting this beauty chocolate, personally I think it tastes like a good quality, intense dark chocolate you could pick up from the supermarket.  I am unsure how my skin will look in 3 weeks, however it tastes great, it claims to do all sorts of goodness and if I can delay ageing at all, then I am all for it.
Marketed at affluent city-slickers, this is not going to appeal to everyone, however it will be interesting to see if the results support the claims of this literally being chocolate from another world. I will keep you updated.
Exclusive to Harrods, if you wish to pick up your chocolate box head here.
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