Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil.

Sunday Riley's Luna Sleeping Night Oil
As the weather becomes colder, I have to resort to desperate measures to stop my skin drying out completely.
For the most part, it seems an intensive moisturiser seems to help.  However at night, I use something which packs a real punch and adds a little something else.  By morning skin is rejuvenated, somewhat hydrated and looks healthy.
I find the best products to help restore hydration are night oils. Unfortunately for me and my purse, my absolute favourite at the moment is Sunday Riley’s Luna. An intoxicating, blue magic liquid. It feels slightly odd rubbing a dark blue oil into those cheeks (which by the way disappears quite quickly), but my skin loves this stuff. It soaks in quickly, smells amazing (herbally) and helps me sleep well. Packed with Avocado, Chia and Blue Tansy, which is said to work wonders for redness – that sells it to me already! The next morning any dry patches have diminished. The only problem is the hefty price tag, which quite honestly makes me wince.
The reason I used this oil in the first place, was because I had a PR sample from Space NK, I was reluctant to part with hard earned cash. 
If like me, you suffer from serious dry skin and need a little help along the hydration front this winter, Luna is a miracle oil, if you can get passed the ridiculous price tag, it is one to add to your wish (or Christmas) list. My sensitive, dehydrated skin gives this a massive thumbs up.
Oh and if you have Pinterest worthy white pillowcases make sure this has completely soaked into the skin, before resting your weary head upon that pillow.
*PR Sample
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