Three Eye Products You Must Try.

Three Eye Products You Must Try
Never before have I been spoilt with so much choice. I’m talking about eye products. My eyes in the past, have hated most products I have tried, the exception being Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye-cream and Kiehl’s Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment. Anything can irritate them, causing them to itch, weep and water, so imagine my delight when I found 3 products which my eyes can live harmoniously with, all within weeks of each other.
Benefit’s latest release Air Patrol is packaged in the usual Benefit quirky way, however on this occasion, this is not something I am really bothered with. The actual product is innovative. A BB cream/eyelid primer, with added SPF20 and shea extract. It protects (from smoke, sun and pollutants)and primes eyelids. We all slap SPF on our faces in some way, we invest in fancy foundations and use sunscreen (or at least we should), but when did we think about using an SPF on the most delicate of areas. Our eyes. The actual product leaves a beige coloured base on the lids, to brighten, even out discolouration and prime for eyeshadow. With a soft texture, this leaves a light satin finish. I have been using on makeup free days, just to even out the eyelid area, instead of using my normal foundation and it works a treat, with no irritation. The perfect eyeshadow primer, it keeps colour vibrant and stops creasing for at least 6 hours. Used alone, this is the perfect product to even out the lids and to protect them. For something I thought would be a gimmick, this works and worth every penny.
For undereye hydration, I have been loving Clinique’s Smart Custom Repair Serum and Sunday Riley’s Start Over. Both expensive, however they both really do work with limited irritation. Clinique’s fancy serum claims that once applied to the skin, it seeks the areas which need attention and helps to fix them. I presume this is meant to be used for the whole face, however I have been using this as an eye serum and a small amount dabbed under the eye area really does help with hydration. Makeup applies smoother and fine lines look less noticeable. 
Start Over provides nourishment and hydration to dry areas and again seems to make any lines diminish. Any puffiness seems to reduce, however I have been using a little further under the eye area, as using right under the lashes seems to mildly irritate those peepers.
Know of any other eye products you cannot live without? Drop it below.
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