6 Festive(ish) Christmas Tops.

6 Festive Christmas Jumpers
Whistles Abstract Print Shirt // New Look Christmas Day Sweater // Whistles Olivia Spot Shirt //
New Look December 25th Slogan Sweater // Dorothy Perkins Sausage Dog Christmas Jumper //
Dorothy Perkins Light blue Snowflake Jumper
Christmas is all about over-doing things, right? Be it too much whisky/brandy/sherry, over-indulgence of mince pies/cranberry jelly/Brussel sprouts or wearing those bright/gawdy/slightly on the tacky side Christmas jumpers. Essential? No. Fun? Absolutely.
Instead of showing you the best of the bright coloured jumpers this year, I have gone for a slightly more neutral/classic style.  Some of these ‘non’ Christmas tops could be worn all winter and indeed right into Spring. 
The 2 print shirts from Whistles’, are really the most un-Christmas top you could wear come the 25th, however they will keep you looking stylish, paired with a pair of skinny’s and oh-so wearable most of the days of the year.
New Look’s Christmas Day sweaters, could really only be worn on the actual day (obs) or indeed on that day when you have your 2nd Christmas Day with the in-laws. Yes, the date may be slightly wrong, however no sweat. Boxing Day comes and people have been on the sherry, who really will notice anyway? 
For something slightly more versatile and which could be worn over the Christmas/New Year/ Winter period, DP’s Sausage Dog jumper and their Snowflake jumper, would set any wardrobe in good stead. Neutral-coloured paired with black or denim, ideal!
So jumper/top sorted. Present wrapped. All that’s left is to leave a mince-pie and sherry out for Saint Nick.

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