Discovering Dry Shampoo.

 Discovering Dry Shampoo
I may have mentioned once or twice lately that we are currently in the middle of giving our sole bathroom a long overdue makeover.  Long gone are the dated tiles, ill-fitting laminate flooring and dodgy shower. So dodgy, that when you stepped in you could not shut the door for the fear of being trapped. That’s right you had to leave the shower door open an inch so you could safely exit after a good lather up. I’ll be posting more about our bathroom make-over very soon.
The purpose of today’s post is less to do with bathroom decor and more to do with hair maintenance. Being a daily hair washer, I have found it hard with a lack of washing facilities to wash my hair every day and have had to resort to either bending over the bath with a plastic jug in hand or using a very new discovery to me (which is actually rather fabulous), dry shampoo.
Sitting in my collection for rather a long time, were cans of Batiste and Colab, not quite sure when I would get to try these, they stayed in my stash for ages unused. Now seemed the perfect time to crack them open. Luckily I don’t suffer from greasy hair, but after a couple of days and a lack of hair washing, I needed to do something.  A quick spritz and massage in at the roots, worked wonders. Hair was refreshed and smelt pretty good. I preferred Colab’s scent to Batiste’s and the Monaco scent is actually very nice. There was no white residue, oodles of oomph and a great deal of texture. I got on so well with dry shampoo, that for days when I fancy just an extra half an hour in bed, I crack a can open. After all who doesn’t like an extra few minutes under the duvet in the morning?
I cannot believe it’s something I haven’t tried before. I’m not saying I’m a complete convert, but it’s handy stuff and the texture and grit it gives to slightly flat hair is impressive.

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