The 2015 Edit: Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015.

Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
First off, I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas. If like me, you are feeling the pinch, both purse and waistband wise, you will know it’s time to start on that health kick. Increase your bank balance and start on those New Year’s resolutions. Just before you decide to stop spending, here are a few products you may want to try or stick on that wish list. Because, yes here are my top 15 from 2015.
Possibly one of my absolute favourites from 2015 is La Roche Posay’s Serozinc. I cannot believe I missed off Effaclar Duo +, the one which really helps in a crisis! If you wish to know more about this wonder product head here. For now it’s all about Serozinc. Originally it was extremely hard to track down in the UK, fortunately for us skin care fanatics, it’s now easily found in the aisles of Boots. This lovely Zinc Sulfate mist soothes skin and helps to battle any breakouts. Used on a cotton pad or a quick spritz directly onto the face works wonders. It’s a miracle mist and at less than a tenner, this is a permanent staple in my collection.

Micellar wise, I have more often than not had Garnier’s version in my collection. Cheap, does the job, gentle and it is as GOOD as Bioderma. There is now even a sensitive skin version, next to try on my list for sure.

To prime the skin I have really enjoyed using Kiehl’s Micro Blur Skin Perfector*. A slightly tinted light weight cream which works a treat to prep skin and even out any larger pores.

To illuminate the skin, it has to be Chanel’s Le Blanc. Le Blanc is in-CREDIBLE. Glowy, dewy skin, which quite frankly looks amazing. I tried Dior’s version in the Summer and personally I found this much too heavy.  Le Blanc is light weight and gives you that much coveted Victoria’s Secret Glow. Pricey, but in this case well worth the high tag.
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
I am still obsessed over Estee Lauder’s Double Wear. Still the best high coverage foundation I have ever used. Skin looks even, poreless and flawless. For something lighter to use on good skin days, I quite frankly cannot put Cover Girl’s Ready Set Gorgeous down. Gawdy packaging, a wonderful formula and beautiful to blend. Your skin but better. Great stuff. It’s available on Ebay for around £8.


To keep those lashes lush, Benefit’s Roller Lash has reigned supreme. Jet black lashes, no flaking, and it holds a curl, fab stuff! Lip-wise, I have been slathering on Fleur De Force’s Written in the Stars lipgloss. Nude, creamy lips in a tube. Think the shade of Charlotte Tilbury’s LipCheat in Pillow Talk or Rimmel’s East End Snob. The perfect formula, great colour and the gloss is well let’s just say very, very glossy.

Brows in check? It has to be L’Oreal’s Brow Artist Plumper. Along the same idea as Benefit’s Gimme Brow, packed with fibres, however the colour match and result are better. Plus if you’re watching the pennies this is oodles cheaper.


Late on the bandwagon I discovered Lorac’s Pro Palette. Creamy, pigmented, easy to blend eyeshadows, which you can now buy from Nordstorm and have shipped to the UK. Love neutral palettes? You do not want to miss out on this.

Cheekwise, I loved Tanya Burr’s very purse friendly Rosy Flush Cheek Palette . The highlighter wasn’t for me (a little too glitter ball-ish), however the bronzer and blush were pretty and provided a lovely flush to the skin. Quite similar in tone to the blush was The Balm’s Frat Boy. For most of the summer months I was using this at least once or twice a week. Nars’ Virtual Domination palette, was almost too pretty to use. Almost. Packed with Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Laguna, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut. All of these blushes had tonnes of use, even if the names are unnecessary and on the dodgy side.  Formulation wise, these are fantastic.

As well as having a slight crush on Nars’ Laguna (the original separate version, I hit pan on), I also fell in love with The Body Shop’s Honey Bronzer. A subtle bronzed glow to the cheeks, with no hint of a faked glow at all.

Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015
2015 was the year I wore nothing apart from Jo Malone. OOh I did try Zoella’s fragrance and this was pretty good, however 95% of the time I was spritzing JM. Peony and Blush Suede was top of the charts, however coming close were Blackberry and Bay and English Pear and Freesia. Did I mention I now also have Woodsage and Sea Salt? I have a slight addiction to all things JM and well I smell extremely good (if I do say so myself)!
Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015

So, there you have it, an extremely quick low-down of the products which came out time and time again in 2015 and I am sure most will feature again in 2016. What products have you used religiously this year? Are there any on this list you want to try? And of course, which should I add to my wishlist for 2016?  Drop it below.

Oh and a Happy New (Blogging) Year to everyone!

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