The All Natural Herbal Face Cream Ideal for Acne Prone Skin.

The All Natural Herbal Face Cream Ideal for Acne Prone Skin, ACNE Ultra Clear

Luckily my skin isn’t really spot prone, apart from the odd hormonal break out now and then. However when my skin is suffering, be it from that late boozy night (seriously I am not an alcoholic – in fact I much prefer a cup of tea), the cold weather or when it’s just unhappy, I have discovered something rather good which actually works and is a great all-rounder to add to any bathroom cabinet.
Acne’s Ultra Clear Ultimate Cleansing Power is an ultra thick, odd coloured, cinnamon scented face cream. Only a tiny amount is needed as the consistency is so very thick and it takes a little patience to work into the skin. Using too much will leave a greasy barrier on the skin. As the product is so rich, it’s perfect to use at nighttime for a quick pick-me-up. It softens dry patches and is a great cream to use on any psoriasis or extra dry spots. As well as adding much needed moisture at this time of year, rubbing a little onto any break-outs will diminish the size rapidly.
The scent and in fact the consistency may not be to everyone’s taste, however the results are excellent and this is fast becoming one of my favourite products of 2015.
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