Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser.

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser

In The Frow always harps on about Lush’s Million Dollar Moisturiser.

In all the years I’ve watched her videos I’ve see her reach for this on more than one occasion.
If Victoria rates this, it must be good. So naturally when I decided to stock up on cut-price bath bombs on Boxing Day (btw did anyone else get completely hacked off with Lush’s site?) I decided to give this a go as well. I was pretty sure from the start that I would fall in love.

Million Dollar is jam packed with honey, Shea butter and tonnes of essential oils (lavender, rosewood and evening primrose) as well as SPF30. Everytime I apply this, I cannot help take a deep breath and inhale, it smells incredible (mainly of sweet honey).

Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
These days I try to wear sun cream every most days. I am keen to delay the ageing process for as long as possible. Now in my thirties, if I am completely bare faced with a bottle of Pinot in hand at the till, I still get asked for ID! Yay, sun-cream I’m telling you it’s the way forward! That and fresh air, exercise, smoke-free and tonnes of veg and water, blah blah blah.
Anyway, MDM soothes and hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth. It also contains Lush’s Feeling Younger tint (one I haven’t tried before), which reflects light and leaves skin almost naturally highlighted with the most dewy sheen you can imagine.
Lush Million Dollar Moisturiser
Beautiful under makeup, it gives you the most beautiful luminosity we all crave. Million Dollar would be the perfect cream to pack on your summer holiday. Bare-faced glowing skin, all from a recycled pot. There’s really no need to pack a bursting makeup bag, just a little bronzer, mascara and lipgloss. Girl, you are looking on fleek in those photos!
Yes, it’s £32.50, however just a small amount is needed for the whole face, so this pot will last ages. I am completely in love, it has given my skin a new lease of life. This is seriously good stuff and I am sure will feature in a favourites post later this year.
A massive thumbs up from me!

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