MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours.

Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours, MAC, liquid lipsticks
Never before have I been into matte lips. For years I have opted for a neutral or glossy look. Or just a hint of a tint with a slight pretty sheen. There’s no trace of a Sephora Lip Cream or Kat Von D in my collection, so when MAC released their Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolours, I really just couldn’t help myself and decided to give the matte trend a go. I opted for Rich and Restless (this appears on the pink/peachy side, however it applies a lot more orange toned) and Dance With Me (red with a berry undertone).
So am I still in favour of glossy lips you ask? Yes. A game changer?  Maybe. Here’s the lowdown on the current craze.
Firstly I love the chunky packaging with the lipstick top. Great to see the colours in your collection. The wand is a lip friendly diamond shape, which makes it easy to hug the lines of your lips.
The formula is quite creamy, however you do have to work fast as the formula dries super quick. I have found perfecting the top lip and then matching up the bottom is the best way to apply. Highly pigmented, these do really pack a punch. If you like natural or glossy lips then these won’t be to your taste.
Make sure your lips are really well moisturised before. If you apply an intense, hydrating lip balm before, even to slightly dry lips, it worked pretty well. I don’t know how the formula quite does it, but it didn’t even seem to stick to any dry patches.
I’ve read some reports, where they are known to be pretty impossible to remove. The lasting power is excellent, once lacquered to the lips, the retro matte really won’t budge.
Micellar water just didn’t cut it. I’ve found the best product to use is Vichy’s Purete Thermal eye makeup remover. A bio-phase oily concoction which dissolves every last trace gently to return lips back to their natural state.
At £21 MAC’s Retro Matte lipsticks are expensive and personally I think overpriced. I am glad I dabbled with matte lips though, however deep down I am still all about the glossy lips. For anyone who loves the matte look, then the formula, intense pigmentation and lasting power of these won’t disappoint. 

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